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Design Trends 2016

Fresh. Chic. Modern.


Fresh Patterns and Hues

Instill your space with clean, modern lines. Experience new textures. Update your aesthetic and energize your environment. The interior design experts at Graber invite you to consider the following fresh, chic, modern possibilities. Then, transform your space.


Design Trends Kitchen

Clean Lines for the Kitchen

The latest kitchen designs embody contemporary, strong lines with classic white cabinets and smooth quartz countertops. No longer confined to a backsplash, feature mosaic tile on a full accent wall with a sophisticated palette of stone, back-painted glass, and ceramics.

  • Understated Simplicity. Solar shades complement this uncluttered style effortlessly. They provide an array of light control options and UV protection for finishes on floors and cabinets.
  • Woven Chic. Add even more texture to the kitchen through coordinating textiles—woven wood and pleated shades.

The Living Room — A Natural Space

This space is being reimagined, focusing on relaxation and connection. Arrange comfortable chairs and soft sofas, cozy throws, and extra pillows with conversation in mind. For the feel of warm woods throughout the room, use resilient, pre-finished, engineered wood flooring. Accent the room with pieces from nature—a weathered seashell, branch, wood burl, or antler.

  • Rich hardwoods. Tie in living room windows with natural hardwood shutters for a look that’s fresh and current.
  • Natural accents. Natural shades give you extra texture and extra sustainability—they are crafted from renewable materials like bamboo, jute, and grasses.

Design Trends Living Room


Design Trends Bedroom


The Bedroom — Serene but Stylish

Like a soft down quilt or velvet throw, this room envelopes you in calm and quiet. This season neutral palettes also provide a tranquil background for the end of the day. Complement the color scheme with a bold accent piece, or accessorize with pieces in large scale-stripes and graphic prints.

  • Chic Shades. Perfect for bedrooms, these top down/bottom up shades allow you to lower the window treatment from the top or raise it from the bottom, regulating the sun coming in your windows at any time of day and ensuring your privacy.
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A Beautiful Bath

A single fixture or finish can lend a fresh feel to this small but hardworking room. Hand-held showerheads, free-standing tubs, and teak shower seats provide a spa feel. Vessel sinks in gorgeous glass, ceramic, or porcelain completely rejuvenate the look of a vanity while preserving the original footprint.

  • Durable Elegance. For windows in bathrooms or above sinks, choose water-resistant faux wood blinds. They provide a classic, craftsman look with the added strength of a composite.
  • Flexible, Fashionable. With Murano Soft Horizontal Blinds, you can truly enjoy a long shower or soak in the tub. Sturdy and mildew-resistant, these fashionable blinds easily withstand steamy situations.


Perfect Pairings


Perfect Pairings

This season is all about layers for windows throughout the house. With multi-layered window treatments, not only do you gain additional insulation, light control, and regulation of your privacy, but also visually exciting pairings. Swaths of color and variations in texture will come alive through contrast.
Experiment with Variations on the Theme:

  • Luxurious Layers. Fabric drapery paired with sleek shades or billowy sheer panels will bring depth and visual interest to any room.
  • Tone on Tone. Ivory plus seashell plus sandy pearl creates playful dimension.
  • Fashionable Folds. Roman shades offer soft, lilting, rolls of fabric that provide both privacy and shade.
  • Leaves of Grass. Combine rough-edged, natural fiber, woven shades with a delicate sheer to provide contrast in weight and feel.
  • Serpentine Lines. Pair the playful, rounded lines of a printed floral drape with the architectural structure of cellular shades for an interesting intersection of shapes. Cellular shades also offer easy control of the light and privacy, while acting as an insulator.
  • A Large Look in a Small Space. Thin roller shades with wispy sheers create a bright color field for large windows in small rooms.